Friday, 4 September 2020

Getting Ready for Maori Language Week

Check out some of our links and increase your knowledge of Te Reo.  How many new words or phrases can you learn in two weeks?


Sunday, 30 August 2020

Life Saving Skills at ASB

We have just completed out swimming season at the ASB Aquatic Centre.  Here are some pictures of a group learning life saving skills. 

Monday, 20 July 2020

PJs, Pizza and Movie Afternoon

Here we are enjoying our recent reward of being able to wear PJs to school, eat pizza and watch a movie.  The reward was a team effort, teachers collected pompoms to recognise class members using the GROW values.  What will be our goal in Term 3?

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Stem Fun!

Over the past few weeks we've been having an awesome time working through some STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics) problems.  We have looked at buildings and how they are structured to be strong.  We also looked at Newton's Laws and how they apply to force and motion. 

We had to plan in teams, design our structures, adapt them if they didn't work, test them then reflect on our designs.

We created ... towers, catapults, zip lines using balloon propulsion and houses.

Below are some photos. 

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Last Video Catch up - The real me is coming soon:)

This was my fourth attempt and I probably should have had another try but I was getting worse!  Any way catch you tomorrow on Zoom @3.30.  This will be the time to ask any questions you might have about next week at school.  That will be the purpose of the Zoom Meeting.  See you then.

Term 2 - Week 5 Friday 15 May

Today is all about Creativity

Choose one or more of the activities below and get those creative juices flowing...
Be Creative:
Work through the cartoon workshops Mrs Harpur posted on Ti Kouka’s blog and create a cartoon YOU.  Tahlia has already had a go!

Be Creative:
Yesterday I suggested that you all watch The Handrils video (see below).

Think about making your own puppets.  You can make puppets out of anything: Socks, wooden spoons, paper bags, paper and sticks, some pen drawn on your hand or just your hands, some movement and practice.

Your challenge is to decide on a theme, write a script and create your own puppet show.

You could retell a story you know well, create a show to help younger students know what to do in a tricky situation or just let your imagination run wild.  Have fun!  Someone could film your show and share with me or you could wait until next week and share it live at school.
Be Creative:
Create an exercise routine that includes many of the fitness activities you have completed during Alert Level 3 and 4.  
Be Creative:
Watch the video below and create your own bird feeder.  There are so many birds in our gardens at the moment.  I have never seen a Tui in my garden and that is my goal this year, to have a feeder and some plants that will attract Tuis.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Term 2 - Week 5 Thursday 14 May

Hi everyone, we are nearly there!  I will have a chat tomorrow to tell you a little bit about what school will be like next week.  I can't wait to catch up:)

Quick Question
Tupou has 298 stickers in her collection. She gets 129 more. How many does she have altogether??

Number of the Day – 86
Make this number as many of these ways as you can.
1. Adding two numbers
2. Adding three numbers
3. Adding more than three numbers
4. Using a double, or a double plus or minus 1
5. Finding the difference of two numbers
6. Multiplying two or more numbers
7. Multiplying then adding
8. Multiplying then subtracting
9. Dividing one number by another
10. Using a fraction
11. Using a decimal
12. Using another clever or different way

Keep working on the games and activities on Studyladder, Prodigy under Useful Websites that focus on basic facts knowledge.  This will help you to solve any maths problem.

Read or write:
Continue working on your new spelling list using the activities posted last Monday.

Sparks writing
Remember Sparks Writing can include your thoughts, your feelings, your experiences, your opinions, your memories, any idea.

You could use – poems, letters, comic strips, any kind of genre – fairy-tale, report, retelling, songs, jokes, fiction, non-fiction

Or try one of these prompts:
·      Describe the perfect day.  Put in as many details as you can.  Make it a possible day, not a "dream day."
  • What family chore do you have that you like the least.  Explain your answer
  • I looked around the house.  Nothing seemed unusual, nothing but the…
  • Invent a school of the future.  How would it be different from your school now?  How would it be the same?

Try Jackson’s Quirky Challenge (Useful Websites)

Be Creative:
Watch the Video  - The Handrils- see below.  Tomorrow on Friday Fun Day for our Grand Finale in Alert Level 3, you will be working on something around this

Continue working on Silone’s Challenge.

Grab a Dice and play Fit Dice again– see the photo on Monday.  No dice? You can use playing cards or make you own cards showing 1 - 6

Getting Ready for Maori Language Week

Check out some of our links and increase your knowledge of Te Reo.  How many new words or phrases can you learn in two weeks?